Michèle Susini

Perceive, Feel, Transcribe


Born in 1946, Michèle Susini lives and works in Provence and in Paris.

Higher National school of Arts of Paris. Has met Vasarely, Pignon, Matta, Goëtz,
Iris Cler...

Painter, engraver, graphic designer, model maker, fresquist, creator of accessories of mode, decorator for the national museums and the theatre, architect decorator for the cinema and television.

Decorator head : design, realization. Approximately 200 films, with R. Hossein,
Ph. De Broca, E. Molinaro, J. Bunuel, J. Dayan, F. Hebrard, N. Trintignant, L. Velle, Ch. Fechner, P. Grimblat, T. Andreï, B. Stora, A. Dombasle, C. Collard, M. Annaud, C. Picault, M. Courtois, N.Gessner etc.

Intervening in the higher schools of cinema : the FEMIS, the INA and the ENSELL.

Member of the Academy of Arts and Techniques of the Cinema and the Academy Greci Marino.

Distinctions and medals allotted by FRANCE2, for the series "L'Affaire Caillaux " and by ARPHILIA 75 for the International exhibition to the Grand Palais, Paris.

Price of drawing and painting of the Academy Quay Conti, Paris.

Exposes in Paris : Grand Palais, Espace Cardin, Carrousel du Louvre, galeries, event market

in France, in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, Nord, Normandie, etc.

in New York, Moscow, Saint Petersbourg, Berlin, Bruxelles, Bruges, Anvers, Bad Ischel, Padoue, Erevan


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